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Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles For Women


Bob Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles For Women

For many individuals, looking their best is of high priority. Fashion comes and goes but one thing that seems to return over the decades in hairstyles. While many hair styles tend to come in and out of fashion, the asymmetrical  bob hairstyles are a;lways popular. This is one of the many bob haircuts that have embraced a timeless fashion trend. Other names for this hairstyles are  Rihanna bob or Paris Hilton bob.

How do Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles Looks Like?

Asymmetrical hairstyle is just a hairstyle that is different on opposite sides of the head. It may be different, for example, in length, styling … This is typical example of asymmetrical bob hairstyles. One side has hair of the same length all the way to the neck. Hair on opposite side is much shorter or longer. Its hair length gradually increases/decreases to the way to the back of the neck.  Some sections of hair are cut at different lengths to add an edgy statement and to add volume as well.

Are Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles Right For You?

This style works  better for thick hair. Because hair volume is usually moved from front to the back and to the crown. Additionally volume it is moved from one side to another. So for thick hair everything would be fine. For thin hair you can get away making layers on the front. Better solution for thin hair are layered inverted or concave bobs. Even better common layered bob hairstyle.

Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be a matter of fashion life or death, especially if you are often in the spotlight. Those who often choose the asymmetrical bob hairstyles are well aware that this hairstyle is one of the hottest trends right now. Whether you are a house wife or a Hollywood celebrity, you can embrace this beautiful asymmetrical hairstyle knowing that when you walk outside you will be admired by others.

Others who choose this hairstyle often want to be a bit different and tend to stand out above the normal bob cuts which are just short angled shapes.


Paris Hilton Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyleswith side swept bangs


Rihanna Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Rihhana-Asymmetrical-Bob Hairstyles-with-long bangs

Rihhana Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles with long bangs


Celebrities Who Has Chosen Asymmetric Bobbed Style

When considering asymmetrical bob hairstyles there isn’t  lack of celebs and others who have selected this fashionable hairstyle. If Paris Hilton selects a haircut like the asymmetrical bob hairstyle, you are aware that fashion is speaking.  Some other celebrities who’ve selected to wear this style include Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Rihanna and others. If you wish to feel as though you’re a celeb, then ask your hairstylist for  a asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

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