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Stacked Hairstyles

Stacked Hairstyles

Stacked Hairstyles

Stacked Hairstyles

If you want a atractive, modern and easy to maintain hairstyle try stacked hairstyle. To be sure its going to fit well to your style and your face shape check out pictures bellow.

What is Stacked Haircut?

In stacked hairstyles ends of the hair seems stacked on top of one another, and that adds volume to hair as well as weight. Because of this specific volume effect – they look like layered haircuts. Stacked bob hairstyles are graduated so they are longer on the front than on the back and they are stacked at the nape of the neck only. They are also called inverted bobs, because inverted bobs are stacked at nape of neck too.Stacked bobs are really versatile works with any kind of face shape or hair type. In addition Stacked bob hairstyles can be effortlessly personalized.

Stacked hair can easily highlight certain face characteristics, such as the eyes or cheekbones. Stacked hairstyles could also make your neck looks longer but the most importantly they makes your thin hair to have a lot more volume. Layered hairstyles add volumeuniformly – but stacked haircut may add weight or volume to desired areas of your hair. In addition women with stacked hair looks more cool that ones with layered hair.


Rihanna_stacked_hairstyles catie_holmes_stacked_inverted_bob_hairstyles rihhana_stacked_bob_haircuts stacked_hairstyles stacked_layered_hairstyle__bangs_lisa_rinna stacked_short_haircut

Stacked hairstyles are one of the hottest hairstyles nowadays. These trendy hairstyles look stunning and glamorous when sported with attitude. Among the popular stacked haircuts that are popular among women today is the bob stacked haircut.Bob stacked hairstyles looks good on any hair type. However, this hairstyle is strongly recommended for women who have low hair volume. With this hairstyle, the thin fine hair when cut will look stylish and voluminous. A bob stacked haircut may be performed on a blunt bob but in order to have this style fit with the latest hair trends, you need to have an inverted bob stacked haircut and add some bangs. With some color streaks in your hair, you can make this haircut more unique.

< A bob stacked haircut primarily emphasizes the head and shows off certain face features at the same time. Likewise, this haircut may be used if you want your neck to look longer. Before doing this haircut, you need to remember some tips and haircut ideas that will help you along the way.

Shampoo and clean your hair first. You can also use hair conditioner afterwards. Then dry your hair using a towel. Make sure to keep your hair a little wet because wet hair makes haircutting easier. Make sure to have a water hairspray in case your hair dries. Bob stacked layers on the hair found at the back of your head. The layers will let your hair appear thicker at certain angles. Before beginning to layer your hair at the crown, you need to decide which style and length you want. If you choose the inverted bob stacked hairstyle, you must start trimming the hair at the nape shorter and longer at the sides. You can also keep the sides asymmetrical to achieve more stylish look. If want to have a more simple hairstyle then go with a U-shaped or blunt cut. After you are finished in trimming the hair ends and contented with the length, you need to stack cut your hair. In order to do this, you need to decide how short you hair in the crown will become. Start trimming your hair in decreasing amount. You need to cut more layers in order to achieve more volume. Stick to lesser layers if you naturally have good hair volume. To make some bangs, take the hair found in the front section and decide which style and length you want.

Add Lowlights and Highlights In order to add more style to you haircut, you may consider putting some hair color. Those who have thin hair may use lowlights and highlights. Doing this may help them have stylish and more textured hair. Thos who have blond hair may go for brown lowlights or darker blonde color. Meanwhile, brunettes map to use ash, wheat, honey or copper highlights.

Maintaining Bob Stacked Hairstyles Maintaining and styling this hairstyle is easy. After using your regular shampoo and conditioner, part your hair. Brush your hair and make sure that the layers fall properly on the sides. To maintain this style, regularly trim your hair every three or four weeks. Avoid exposing your hair to the sun to prevent your lowlights and highlights from fading early.

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