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Choppy Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts Tips and Pictures

Choppy Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts Tips and Pictures

Choppy Style

Choppy Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts Tips and Pictures

The choppy layered haircut is similar in some ways to other layered looks. What makes these choppy layers stand out more than typical layers is the cutting style. With choppy layers, the hair is cut at an angle giving it a unique, uneven appearance. The choppy look is widely popular with both the Hollywood and the mainstream crowds. Choppy layered hairstyles create a more creative and sassy look than typical layers. The great thing about the choppy look is that it looks great with most hair types.

Who can Pull Off The Choppy Layered Hairstyles?

Individuals who have thick or curly long hair can benefit from the choppy layered look. It can help bring some of the weight off the hair allowing it to be more free. If your hair is longer, the choppy layered look can be made edgier by framing the face with choppy layers. The choppy layered hairstyles look is great for short hair as well. The bob and really short hair can make quite the impression with this hair cutting technique.

How to Style a Choppy Layered Haircut

The most important aspect of styling your choppy layered look is choosing the right styling products. Apply mousse or gel to the hair immediately after drying it. The styling products should be labeled heat defensive as you will be using heat based styling tools to achieve your desired look. When using a flat iron, it is best to work with one section at a time.

This will allow you to create ultimate choppiness and an extremely cutting edge look.


Short choppy layered hairstyles

short_choopy_layered_for_women chort_choppy_latered_hairscuts_funkyIf you have always worn long hair, maybe it may come as a surprise changing your whole look by wearing short hair. One of the most inspiring trends for short hair is  layered choppy haircut. It does not require much maintenance and can be styled very quickly. After washing your hair, and towel- dry them you can apply some styling gel to attain some definition and then blow dry them. With the help of a brush or  with your hands you can create the shapes. You can also apply at the ends some wax.

This cut would best suit round and heart shaped faces. These are definitely a style for busy women and mums. Choppy layered haircuts can be worn for any occasion and as an everyday. Among some of the celebrities that are fans of this style we can mention Meg Ryan, Paris Hilton, Hale Berry and Riana.

Medium choppy layered hairstyles

medium_layered-hairstyles Kimberly-Caldwell_choppy_medium

Medium layered hairstyles are characterized for the simplicity and the diversity at which they can be worn.

Creating the perfect layers would require taking care for the hair in details and creating the volume at the right parts. You can wear this style by choosing different models; wavy and curly. The medium choppy layered hairstyle gives volume to the hair and looks way too sexy.

It goes perfect with every face shape and it defines well your facial contours. This hairstyle would emphasize your face features and would be perfect  for a romantic date. Different celebrities presented this style this year like Victoria Beckham, Scarlet Johansson, Carey Mulligan and Jessica Alba. Definitely this look manifests chic and glamour.

Long choppy layered hairstyles

long_layered-hair-choppy Kay-Panabaker_long_choppy_layers_haircutsLong hairs give you the privilege of creating different styles. Layered hairstyles are structured and can be modeled for your needs. You can add shape, length or volume at which part you want, by raising the hair ends or increasing the volume at strategic parts. This style takes more time to be created and that is why it more advisable for younger women who have time to take care of their hair.

To style you can apply some crème at the ends and blow dry them by a round brush.  Long choppy layered hairstyles would be most suitable for an evening or a date. Different models can transform you to a romantic and sensual look. So don’t be afraid to experiment with your hairstyles. There is always a style that best suits you. Among the celebrities that have this hairstyle we can mention Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston.

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