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Concave Bob Hairstyles For Women


Bob Hairstyles

Concave Bob Hairstyles For Women

What Does a Concave Bob Hairstyle Look Like?

When you have a concave bob hairstyle, the hair starts off short near the back of the head, with the hair getting longer as it gets closer to the face.This hairstyle curves inward toward the neck and face.

The bangs are usually swept off to the side or tucked behind an ear on one side.Highlights can be strategically placed to draw more attention to the longer strands of hair that frame the face.

Which Celebrities Wear Concave Bob Hairstyles?

If you have ever seen Victoria Beckham, you have seen the concave bob hairstyle. Beckham has been famous for this style ever since she arrived to the 2007 MTV awards with it. In fact, some people even refer to the concave bob haircut as the “posh bob haircut” in honor of the former Posh Spice.


Jane Mckarthy


Catie Holmes

Sometimes the concave bob hairstyle is known as a stacked, inverted or wedge bob as well.

Rihanna is another celebrity who has popularized concave bob hairstyles. Over the past few years, she has worn this style beautifully in a variety of lengths. The asymmetrical concave bob she wore to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards was especially flattering.

Who Should Get a Concave Bob?

If you have thin, straight hair, the concave bob may be the perfect cut for you. If your hair is very thin, you may want to ask your stylist to razor cut some layers into the style. The concave bob is low maintenance and can be styled with a blow dryer and round brush. If your hair is curly, styling may take a little longer if you want to flat iron it straight. A smoothing product will help keep a concave bob looking sleek and smooth.

For original Victoria Beckham haircut you should make nape of the neck a little bit more stacked – so back view is like on the picture in the middle.

victoria_beckham_concave_bob_front victoria_beckham_concave_bob_back victoria_beckham_concave_bob_left_side

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