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Long Bob Hairstyles

Long Bob Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles

Long Bob Hairstyles

Long bob hairstyles are some of the most trendy and fashionable hairstyles this year. Though the style has already been popular before, it has returned once again and has made its way on the heads of todays hottest celebrities. The bob hairstyle has already been fashionable, but it only made an explosion when Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes (short bob cut) sported the haircut and turned into an unstoppable trend. The long bob hairstyle was such a perfect match for her personality that it gave her a more youthful and vibrant look. The bob of Jessica Alba, however, isn’t the classic bob hairstyle, she had to make a couple of changes to it so it would match the shape of her face.

What Are Long Bob Hairstyles Meant For

A majority of women who want to try out long bob hairstyles aim for the soft romantic look to compliment the features of their face. This particular hairstyle can provide a classic conservative or modern look, depending on the type of styling done and the personality of the woman who wears them. For women who are going for the modern contemporary look, adding layers is a good idea to create the impression of movement as well as to make the hairstyle more interesting.

Gwyneth Paltrow Long Bob

Jessica Alba's Blunt New Bob


To maintain your long bob hairstyles, consider getting your hair trimmed every three months. You can also use these haircuts to make a couple of changes to your style in order to keep it looking fresh and updated. For women who are looking forward for a more bold asymmetrical cut, select a hair color that’s out of the ordinary or create bangs to frame the face. On either method, you can use your visits to the salon to help you determine how to work with your hairstyle, what changes you can do it, and how to style it. Long bob hairstyles are very versatile, so you’ll have a lot of styling options to try out.

It can be a challenge to pull of curly long bob hairstyles, but don’t be afraid of curling your hair. Creating a few loose curls on strategic places around the head can pump up volume and is a fantastic option for a festive yet refined look. When trying to recreate this look on long bob haircuts, use a large barrel curling iron. Opt for a hair spray with good quality and don’t skip on your shine serum!

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