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Pixie Bob Hairstyles


Bob Hairstyles

Pixie Bob Hairstyles

Short Edgy Layered Bob Haircuts Pictures

What are pixie bob hairstyles?

IT is a short hairstyle that is cropped/cut close to the head and face. It is almost the same as bowl or even crop haircut.  This short hairstyle isn’t that  suitable for women that are not overweight or  too tall, but it works very well for almost any other body type of womens and girls.

Regarding face and hair type it may not work the best for ladies with very long face or curly hair. But it is the best suitable to fine to medium hair texture.

Similar to a bowl cut, the pixie bob hairstyles are the shortest type of bob, so it is a blunt cut  (blunt is a style that usually have a flat or rounded end) around your  head and face.  A a super short pixie hairstyle  are very short and wispy. Thee are all all pixie styles quite similar to the crop cuts. But pixie cuts have short layers  while crop hairstyles have long layers.

Pixie  bob haircuts are rapidly growing amongst women who want a style that looks flattering and edgy at the same time. There are many different bob haircuts to choose from, but the pixie bob haircuts are becoming the choice of many celebrities, performers and just those who want a different look.

Ashlee Simpsons Pixie Cut



Straight Shortoix Hairstyles


Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Bob Hairstyle


What  Word Pixie Means

A supernatural being in folklore and children’s stories, typically portrayed as small and humanlike in form, with pointed ears and a pointed hat, and mischievous in character

Perfect Facial Shape for the Pixie Bob Haircut

When choosing a new haircut such as the pixie bob haircut, you may not realize that all haircuts will not look right depending on your face shape and bone structure. The oval face shape adapts to almost any haircut. Individuals who have this facial shape would look great with the pixie bob haircuts.

This particular haircut will help to highlight your facial shape while allowing the shape of the face and bone structure to shine through while it draws attention to your eyes.  The pixie bob haircut allows you to look stylish and fun while also being groomed for any type of business meeting or event.

Celebrities Who Chose the Pixie Bob Hairstyles

There are currently several celebrities who have chosen to go with the classic pixie bob haircuts, while others have gone pixie with a modern touch. Celebrities with this style include Michelle Williams, Ashlee Simpson, Mia Wasikowska, Halle Berry and many others who have chosen to go with this boyish, yet feminine style. Pixie bob haircuts give a softness by sweeping the side bangs and wispy hair in front of the ear to help frame your face perfectly. The pixie bob haircut helps to highlight all of your best facial features.


Short layers is when the shortest cut of your layers are high on your head. Long layers is when the shortest cut of you layers are within a few inches of the longest length of hair. Medium layers is somewhere in between the two, usually when your layers start at ear or chin level.

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