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Shaggy Bob Hairstyles with Bangs


Bob Hairstyles

Shaggy Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

What Does the Shaggy Bob Hairstyles Look Like?

The shaggy bob hairstyle is hair that is cut to chin length and layered. The shaggy bob is a fun and stylish haircut. It is often referred to as the bed head bob because of its relaxed look. The many layers of the shaggy bob are added by razoring the hair from back to front. With the shaggy bob you can wear your bangs across your forehead or swept to the side.

Which Celebrities Have a Shaggy Bob?

Although the shag hairstyle was invented in the 1960s, it was made famous in the 1970s. Two influential celebrities made this hairstyle famous, Goldie Hawn and Jane Fonda. The shaggy bob is a shorter version of their hairstyle at that time.


Meg Ryan has perfected the shaggy bob hairstyle. Her most famous shaggy bob can be seen in the movie You’ve Got Mail.

How to  Style a Shaggy Bob Hairstyle?

A shaggy bob can easily be styled at home and does not require many hairstyling tools. The first step after washing and conditioning your hair is to dry it. As you dry your hair, part it in the middle or off to one side. This will be determined by what facial feature you would like accented. This is done by applying liquid mousse to the hair. Using a hard bristle brush under your hair, blow dry it. After the hair is dry, you can tease it in order to get the full bed head feel. This can be done with a soft bristle brush. Try to not over tease your hair as this could leave it with an extremely messy look.

This why i love Shaggy Bob Hairstyles.  Be sure to try it out.

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